Balanced Babes Community

What is the Balanced Babes Community?

Balanced Babes is my online community for my coaching clients. We work together to live our healthiest lives through personal growth, accountability, and life long friendships. Whether you need to lose weight, gain a healthier relationship with food, or just have an encouraging group of women to “do life” with–Balanced Babes is where its at! Check out my story below from donut addict to confident & balanced mama….

How many times have you thought when looking at someone else’s progress and said
“well that’s great for her…but I couldn’t do it”

Girlfriend, please let me remind you that I did start here…and neither was anyone else who you see getting results or already with the results you want ✌🏻

Let me introduce you to past Abbey:

👉🏻I ate frozen pizza, pierogies, and cream of anything based slow cooker meals on the daily. 
👉🏻 I was a total candy crusher 
👉🏻I would drive thru McDonald’s daily after work and get a Carmel frappe and an order of french fries
👉🏻I would eat 2 donuts 🍩 on my way to work at least 3x a week 

As I got healthier I still really struggled with…
👉🏻Stress eating 
👉🏻Binge eating junk in my car 
👉🏻Losing and gaining the same weight over and over again 
👉🏻Talking trash on myself and my body 

What changed?? 

4 simple principles and a supportive group of women who helped me be accountable and grow in my relationship with food.

I’m really proud to say in the past 9 months I’ve helped over 100 women lose weight and keep it off 🎉And even more who didn’t have weight to lose but needed to change their relationship with food, the scale, and their relationship with themselves ❤️

You might think if they are just 4 simple principles you could probably do it yourself but let me tell you it’s not a project just for you… the magic is in my online group of “Balanced Babes” and my personal accountability. We need each other and it’s actually way more fun this way! 

There will never be a perfect time but I promise once you get going you won’t regret it 😉Are you ready to get started? We can talk through

There’s a package for every need & every budget. To chat no strings attached, or get you started now-Email me at

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