Become a meal planning boss: My Top 10 Tips

Meal planning is one of those things that most people really WANT to do but aren’t quite sure how to get started with it, or feel overwhelmed and confused about how to please EVERYONE in the house. I’m going to … Continue reading

Sweet talk…with some not so sweet consequences

Can I tell you a secret? Fat doesn’t make us fat..sugar does So many people are afraid of ALL fat because of the high calories, what they think they’ve “heard” about saturated fat etc…but the truth is the extra weight … Continue reading

Get STRONG for Summer

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Its that time of year again where we wear less clothing. We notice the extra pounds we’ve gained, and we aren’t feeling awesome in our clothes let alone the thoughts of a bathing suit. 

Or maybe you don’t have weight you want to lose, but you really wish you were a little more toned.

Whether you have 5…10…50 pounds to lose it can’t be done without making a commitment to get started. I’m hosting an ONLINE accountability group where we will set goals and help you feel your best this Summer. I’d LOVE to help you achieve your goals!

How does it work?

*You fill out this form so I can get to know you and your goals

*We talk about what the best workout & nutrition plan for you will be

*You commit to the challenge & invest in the program we decide will get you the results you want

*You work hard, show up daily & I  keep you accountable, cheer you on, kick your butt when necessary, and work hard right too right by your side.

*We reach your goals together and FEEL STRONG for Summer

Apply now so we can make a plan that fits YOU and YOUR GOALS ❤

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and getting you started on your journey. I’m so proud of you for taking this first step to having your STRONGEST summer yet!



Budget Friendly Homemade Almond Milk

Let’s make it 1 gallon of almond milk for $1.50 to $2.50 (organic) and its only going to take us 15 minutes of actual work time! Ok, so to say my husband and I go through an incredible amount of almond milk is … Continue reading

Instant Oatmeal-Sugar Beware!

Instant oatmeal-do you eat it? Let me give you a few tips and food for thought regarding instant oatmeal. I use it! Instant oatmeal is a great shortcut for those of us who aren’t morning people and do not have … Continue reading