Workout Together: Marriage and Fitness Goals


Research shows that health behavior values are greatly influenced by our spouses. When it comes to healthy behaviors it is more common for women to influence men in a positive way. Even if the less interested individual is not expressing desire to change, research shows that they do not typically cause negative change in the more motivated individual.

Reference: Skoyen, J. A., Blank, E., Corkery, S. A., & Butler, E. A. (2013). The interplay of partner influence and individual values predicts daily fluctuations in eating and physical activity. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 30, 1000-1019.


I am very blessed that my husband is supportive in the running and maintenance of our fitness studio in Butler, PA- Focused Fitness. Although he has always been active and had an overall consciousness of his eating behaviors, he definitely didn’t know how much I would push his limits in our relationship.  Over time we have both expanded our horizons in food intake, exercise styles, and healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the photos from a photo shoot we did for the redesign of our gym website, along with my top 5 reasons why you should workout with your spouse.

My Top 5 reasons why you should work out with your spouse:

1. Show value in what your spouse values


-When you show value in what your spouse values,they in turn show value in your values. What goes around comes around kind of thing 😉

2. Quality time


-Many say they don’t have time to exercise, BUT what if exercise was something that pulled you closer together instead of taking time apart?

3. Exercise and Romance


-Exercise naturally releases endorphins, heightens moods, and if working out with a partner increases your bond.

4. Friendly Competition


-When both working towards a goal (even if they are different) a little friendly competition usually produces faster results and often surpassing goals.

5. Cheering section 


-It’s much easier to do it together than separately. When one of you doesn’t want to work out, there is someone else there to cheer the other on. There is accountability that lives with you, we all need that!

Here’s a few of my other favorite photos that were taken that day of our shoot just for fun 🙂 





Thanks for reading! Let me know why you love to workout with your spouse, or if you need help with this. I’d love to help you both out! 

Ps Photo credit goes to my buddy Ben. He did awesome didn’t he? 

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