Lower Body Tabata

Tabata training is smart exercise. It reduces time under stress, and creates an afterburn effect when working at your personal max effort-which is great from a fat loss perspective. It also is achievable! You allow yourself to work at maximum potential because you know it’s only 20 seconds at a time. Try this lower body tabata I did this morning and get those legs ready for summer!

Workout: Summer Legs Tabata

<<30 second video demo of moves>>

20 seconds on 10 seconds rest 4 rounds for each exercise!

1. Glide Jacks

2. Glide Ski

3. Reverse Lunge (Glide Right)

4. Side Lunge (Glide Right)

5. Reverse Lunge (Glide Left)

6. Side Lunge (Glide Left)

7. Glide Ski Jack

*14 minute Workout for all rounds*
Don’t have a glide discs? Use a paper plate on carpet or hand towel on hardwood

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