Eat less exercise more? Think again.

How many times have you heard: Eat less, exercise more?!

I’ve heard this from so many clients lately that I decided I needed to write you guys a little note. tumblr_miy5wz2rKO1rijpbwo1_500

We hear this constantly, and unfortunately its what most of the health and fitness industry lets fly from their lips on the daily. But what if this wasn’t really right at all. Women…this one is for you! Did you know that most women have a crazy number in their head about the amount of calories they “should” consume. That number is often 1200 calories, and if its not 1200 calories its still usually a lower number than they should have. (Ps thats not enough for most adult women).

Its been preached to us so much that we need to eat less and workout more and now most are actually not eating enough. If you are eating enough, its probably not enough quality food but thats a topic for another day. Exercising more means you NEED more calories. Fat loss tip of the day boils down to this… instead of eat more exercise less most of you would benefit from Eating MORE and exercising more. And even some of you the opposite of eating less and exercising less! We are not one size fits all, the best thing you can do for yourself is learn to be in tune with your body and keep making adjustments until your body is doing what you want it to do ❤

If you are seeking fat loss and not getting the results you want. Feel free to fill out the form under the online coaching tab and we can work on a plan that is right for you. Remember the most important take away is we are all different metabolically and what works for one person may not be the answer for your success. You are uniquely you!

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