Instant Oatmeal-Sugar Beware!

Instant oatmeal-do you eat it?

Let me give you a few tips and food for thought regarding instant oatmeal.

I use it! Instant oatmeal is a great shortcut for those of us who aren’t morning people and do not have time to prep fabulous steel cut oats before work. I have good news for you. You will get all the benefits of heart healthy oats (minus 1g fiber in some varieties). Instant oatmeal is just finer sliced oats in order to result in fast cook time. BUT here is what you must be aware of.

Unless you are buying plain instant oatmeal you are buying artificially flavored, artificially sweetened, and “naturally sweetened” (Raw organic cane sugar) up to 13g in the most common varieties like apple cinnamon and brown sugar & cinnamon. 13g is over 3tsp. AHA recommends no more than 6tsp for women and 9tsp for men of Added sugars. You are at half your daily limit with that pack of oatmeal ladies and we haven’t even added the sugar from your coffee yet!

So what do we do?? Buy plain and flavor it yourself. Today I used a splash of unsweetened almond milk, 1tsp pure maple syrup, cinnamon to taste. Topped with a few blueberries In plain oatmeal (I buy organic) the only ingredient on the list will be OATS. That’s what you want-you add the rest an you know exactly what you are eating. Save your sugar for things you want to eat it in-don’t let processed food companies add it for you (3x what you need) then add sodium (salt) to cover the sweetness.


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