Minnie Mouse Birthday

This is the face of a mommy who has spent too much time on Pinterest and crafting. Its that time of year again, birthday time. I told myself last year after throwing an extravagant first birthday for my daughter that I wouldn’t be doing that again. But then too many pins later its more crafting than previously planned. I definitely scaled back, maybe we will have a throw back post sometime so you can all see the Candy Land fun. But back to the present-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse here we come.


There aren’t many opportunities in adult life where it is 100% socially acceptable to rock full on mickey attire so I took advantage.

We are ready to party.

IMG_7986IMG_7987IMG_8013Drinks are always fun. We wrap water bottle labels with fun tape because its easy and cute. You can apply this idea to almost any theme. These cups were a Pinterest win as well. Red cups with white dot stickers from Staples. We also served Minnie’s Bow-Team & Lemony-Lemonade. These were a hit.

 IMG_7981 IMG_7983 IMG_7984

Snacks are always necessary even though we will be eating dinner at the beginning of the party 😉

FullSizeRender_4 FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_1

Balloons, Mickey heads made out of 1 dinner plate and 2 dessert plates, tissue paper flowers and bows.


We made ornaments as the favor since my daughter was born close to Christmas. Practical and they turned out super cute! We made some Mickey’s by eliminating the jewels and bow for our little boy guests. I ordered black ornaments from amazon, we used a rubber band to trace a line around the ornament, painted the bottom half with glue, stuck on the rhinestones and dipped in red glitter. So simple. The ears are just pom poms that we hot glued on. My good friend Julie owns a floral design company, and she made these centerpieces for me. Love the gerber daises and Christmas bulbs, she is so talented. Check her out at Julie James Design.

FullSizeRender_3   IMG_8038FullSizeRender

Of course a party is not complete without dessert. My Aunt and Uncle made chocolate covered Oreo pops-how cute are those?! I had an awesome local bakery make the cupcakes-they were delicious.

If you are local to Butler, PA check them out Pennie’s Bake Shop & Espresso Bar.

IMG_8072IMG_8036 IMG_8144

My little Minnie Mouse had a great time at her Clubhouse.

IMG_8097 IMG_8115

And of course enjoyed her cupcake! Happy Birthday Addi! I promise to say I won’t throw you can elaborate party next year-but just know I will do it anyways. I can’t help it-I love to party plan!

If you need tips or further explanations on any of my crafts-let me know. They were all super easy but still turned out really cute!

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