Become a meal planning boss: My Top 10 Tips

Meal planning is one of those things that most people really WANT to do but aren’t quite sure how to get started with it, or feel overwhelmed and confused about how to please EVERYONE in the house. I’m going to … Continue reading

Sweet talk…with some not so sweet consequences

Can I tell you a secret? Fat doesn’t make us fat..sugar does So many people are afraid of ALL fat because of the high calories, what they think they’ve “heard” about saturated fat etc…but the truth is the extra weight … Continue reading

Pumpkin Pecan Oatmeal Cups ((with or without chocolate chips!))

Are you a chocolate chip lover? “Yes”: You will love this pumpkin pecan oatmeal cup with a little added bonus on top! “No”: You will still love this pumpkin pecan oatmeal cup because it is packed with flavor!     … Continue reading

Kick Your Excuses & Earn Your Results! Registration Open

Are you sick of not getting the results you really want???
It’s time to kick those excuses to the curb and change your mindset, your health, your body, & YOUR LIFE. 

You’re Invited:

To Kick your Excuses for 30 days with me through 30 days of Online Group Fitness & Nutrition Coaching! Registration is open right now, but only for a short time, so let’s get you started!

The Fitness:

One of my favorite workout styles is kickboxing. The fitness program we will be following together is based on authentic MMA-inspired workouts. It is unique in that it is structured in 3 minute rounds with MMA combinations interspersed with cardio spikes. These MMA combinations work your core from every angle.

The Nutrition:

We will use a balanced portion control nutrition plan & a superfood nutrition shake to fuel your body for health & performance. I will give you the tools you need to create your own meal plan with your personal tastes in mind as well as provide you with complete meal plans to follow if you choose to use them. The food you eat is the key to the body you want. We will focus on learning Nutrition FOR LIFE, not just for a short term fix.

The Accountability:

You will have my support daily as your coach in our private online accountability group. You will check in daily with your workouts & nutrition as well as some fun challenges we will do together! I’ll be there to guide you along with motivation and remind you of your goals when you start to fall of track. WE are stronger together!


This is not free, but it will most definitely be worth it! Your body is your best investment-how can you afford not to take care of it? The costs differ depending on your goals, we will chat about whats best for you!

Let’s Chat:

Fill out the form below and we will talk about what’s best for you!

Gluten Free/Dairy Free Blueberry Muffins

  Well I’m not gluten free but I limit my gluten intake because personally I know I feel better not making it a primary source of my nutrition. I love coconut flour and while it creates a different texture in baking … Continue reading

All of the waffle…none of the grains

Grain-Free Waffle

Grain-Free Waffles (Packed with Healthy Fat & Protein) I’m a waffle lover. Fluffy, crispy, Belgian waffle lover. All my health loving friends are always eating their waffles with protein powder and I just couldn’t get into the consistency. I needed … Continue reading